The Empire of Public Health and Safety

The Empire of Civil Public Health and Safety

The Empire Public Health and Safety Page dedicated to golden silence in the garden of our mind. This perpetual-constant-present-moment is an enactment of detachment from the environment mentally. Everything captured in the present moments solidifies into our dream-state, and into mundane in greater-lesser values.

This, The Empire, is an unavoidable constant solidification in dream-state and in synchronicity of the linear physical wakeful state of mundane daily-life.

According the DSM5, (Public Health and Safety), to enable O.O.B.E./astral-projection without hardening the human mental firewall can cause sleep deprivation illnesses and in later schizo-effective disorders if the visual, auditory, and sensational hallucinations are not fire-walled/stopped.

Therefore, According the DSM5, (Public Health and Safety), a person interested in the waking-life, and a person further inducing being lucidity within their dream-state /aka; waking-life, will experience and induce psychic shock /aka; schizo-effective disorders via sleep deprivation.

This is a common constant if you do not fare-wall your mind’s-eye; “Like a Splinter in Your Mind”.

This, The Empire, an ancient wisdom erased from history to entrap and forcing the entire populations of earth into a schizo-effective prison-planet of insanity lacking cognizance of waking-life self-awareness.

By not knowing how to fire-wall your mind, barely able to remember dreams let-alone becoming lucid into your own dreams and by this your fall further down the rabbit hols void of servitude and slavery.

The Empire, the ancients before the Khazarian-Empire, to the predating Sumerian civilization were the Power-DNA race, /aka; the master-races that created monoliths of massive stone structures throughout earth’s civilizations.

This architectural quantum-entanglement genius are still among us today, as those who own us give us their rewritten history that are all lies recreating a timeline of their own creation, and further “Mastering The Human Domain.

This, The Empire, master-race is of an alien DNA, aka/; PDNA which history refuses to acknowledge incite deviously adherent to a agenda and thus rewritten hiding facts of ancient industrialized FTL-star-traveling civilizations above-and-beyond our allowed written histories books scribed, thus enslavement; in a nutshell.

This, The Empire, PDNA race is not in the least human by nature as we have been allowed to believe and-or understand. This PDNA is far-more more like the animal consciousness in nature of it’s intense lucidity, thus be`it the present moment.

This lost life-style of lucidity with encoded memories of history, technology, the meanings of our stellar-system, position of planets, stars positions, distant galaxies and far more -alike.

This knowledge of social-psychological knowledge, of advanced math, economics, wisdom of the ancients. To-add: All this and far more are written within its own PDNA encoded structure.

This, The Empire, a seed of evolution, or the seed of the over-watch, the watchers, houseparents, the great mystical pharisees of ancient times, those who prepare us all as a salve race for a returning alien-race to consume as food, or make as slaves, servants, or scientific study as we do with our own primates on earth -as this is read.

Known currently, they are an ancient military-industrial-complex-civilization that was dying off do to a great global war. These, who mastered star travel same as we are secretly now, but far before we homo-sapient(s), became the idea in the nut-sack of which-ever proverbial supreme-being creator manufactured us.

They, The Empire, destroyed themselves in a nuclear war, and it is said by the Hindu books Mahabharata (महाभारत): One of the two major ancient Sanskrit epics of India, the other being the Ramayana.

This great war is ignited by the once every 10-20 thousand year solar-cycle polar-shift and also noted as ounce of 11-thousand-years and much like our Solar-Sun polar-shift that occurs ounce every 11-years...

In order for the PDNA master-race of alien DNA to survive they needed to mask their appearance more to the likeness of us primitive human-beings, so they needed to copulate breeding with human race in order to hide their nearly transparent pale-white-skin, and crystal-white-blue-green-eyes.

The Empire, these PDNA sapient exist till this day and the only recorded history of them is in the Hindu ancient historic and religious writings known as the “powder-race” of super human warriors who spoke with their minds and not entirely by their lips, but both at the same-time.

The PDNA would read the minds of their enemies defeating them all before and during in battle.

Last recorded history is when they copulated with humans and then became the Khazar`ian-Empire, but only few were still powder race and reside as pure PDNA in the bowls of earth of northern and southern polar regions of earth.

They harness the magnetic etheric fields of earth for perpetual energy power resources.

When the breeding stock was perfected during the last PDNA procreation cycle, known as the Kazarian-Empire, and by this the PDNA sentient(s) were no longer noticeable by sight.

After the last procreation they spread like locusts to the four corners of this world, created all known religions with exception of the Hindi religions were and remain almost entirely untainted hidden from these ancients.

The Empire of this PDNA deeply despise the Hindi-Race, but they could never conquer them in wars from before their apocalypse which destroyed their industrial civilizations of ancient times.

Till this present day they walk among us as the money changers, genealogical master race of globalist financiers that walk by us in city streets every-day.

These PDNA may be your friends, but they are all lucid in their dream from within the womb till the present moment they speak with you now.

The Empire of this PDNA are aliens in nature, and unnatural comparatively.

They still reside on planet earth and they are those who own all the private banks financial institution of earth and their global cabal decide all laws, all wars, who lives off-world in colonies, and upon the earth.

The Master Race.

Those family-names who own the global private financial and banking institutions raise all their children through a cabal of waking-life of lucid-dreaming training, and the all workings of this world practiced in their private fluidity is never spoken to the lesser races.

To speak wrongly of their white skin is a crime and racist and forbidden even to mention their ethnicity, thus our Master Race of all.

These masters, The Empire, of the human race have star-trek level technologies known as time-space warping quantum-entanglement trans-dimensional technologies and will utilize this same technology to invade earth with their preplaned false alien invasion in order to sell all who remains to real-life alien races from other worlds.

George Orwell, (a known historical published writer), was instructed by the PDNA to write a Crypto-Zionist globalist predictive-programming propaganda book called “1984”.

This book is directly related to all known agenda ideology defined as “The-New-World-Order”, “The-Single-Global-Governance” and many other definitions of same likeness.

Who are the UFO aliens visiting planet earth?

They Are The Aliens from within slowly evolving the human-race into extinction. 500-million earth population.

I Am Them!


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